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People always ask us, “What does EE System actually do?” Well, the answer could be pretty complicated, but we’re going to break it down for you. Think of the human body like the radio in your car. Most people today have a body that stays around 98.7 on the radio dial, a frequency that is dictated by our not-so-great food, water, environment, electronics, sleep quality, etc. Lower radio stations equal sickness and disease. So let’s just say in order for our bodies to work properly, they really need to be on the radio station 103.5 This is because everything in your body is energy and frequency. The higher the radio station, the better YOU function. The EESystem room and technology acts as the dial or tuner on our car radio. The longer you visit Zero Point Wellness and experience the frequencies here, your body will start to “tune” to the higher stations, and stay there longer each time you leave. It’s not magic, it’s frequency! Everything is Energy, Energy is Everything!


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